My 50 letter word.

Pneumoncultramicroscopicsilicovoleanconiosis is supposedly the longest word in the dictionary. It is 45 letters long and is a lung disease caused by breathing silicon dust particles. Create you own 50 letter word, give it a definition and write a letter to Guinness Book of Records to convince them you have created the longest word in the dictionary. The word must be pronounceable and look like it would make sense.

Dear Guinness Book of Records,

My 50 letter word is Superhyperjugglingjumpingfallingeatscheesedisorder.

It is when you have a disorder of juggling,jumping,falling and eating too much cheese. The disorder is caused by getting addicted to juggling,jumping,falling and eating to much cheese. That’s my 50 letter word.

Sincerely, 205Carter

Hopes and Dreams

I have learned many new things in my life. I have grown in life, as I grow my hopes and dreams grow with me. They have changed over time but, one that has never changed is to succeed. I would like to succeed and join the air force. I have always had an interest in planes and I need to succeed to get to fly one.

My goal is to succeed and succeeding takes time. To succeed you have to do your best and work your hardest. To succeed is my biggest goal right now.

April 25-29, 2011

WHAT: This week we started on a new book called Call It Courage. The book is about a boy who is scared of the sea because his mother died from the sea. We also finally finish Think Show I had the skeletal system. For my project I did a power point. It was a lot of work over this week to learn about the skeletal system and do 2 page reports. There was some fun in it tho. The Think Show finally ended today on April 28, 2011. It will probably take a lot of work getting everything cleaned up out of the hallway.

SO WHAT: I learned this week that when you are baby you start with 300 bones and as you get older your bones fuse together and form 206 bones. Without bones your would be a blob of skin and would die due to unprotected body organs like your heart, brain, and lungs. I also learned that your skull has 22 bones. 8 in the cranium and 14 in the face. I learned that if you have a broken or cracked bone the best way to heal it is drinking a lot of milk because milk has a lot of calcium and calcium covers the outer edge of your bones and covers cracks and breaks.

WHAT NEXT: Next week I plan to read more from the book Call It Courage. I plan to finish the book Call It Courage. We will start a new book called Island of the Blue Dolphin. It sounds like a good book to read. I also plan to have a lot of fun next week and learn more interesting facts to share with you.

Top Secret Book Report

 Top Secret

Top Secret is a book about a boy named Alan Brewster he wants to do a project of Human Photosynthesis but, his teacher assigned him lipstick.

He does hours of researching and figures out human cells are the same as plant cells the only difference is human blood contains iron and plants contain magnesium.He gets stuff that contains magnesium mostly liver contains it so he blends it and drinks it after every day he adds more liver the more he adds the longer he can go without eating.After a while he starts turning green and figures out he doesn’t have to eat and he is attracted to the sun.Nobody believes that he has solved human photosynthesis.He decides to send a note to the President of The United States.After they see he has solved it they don’t tell him he has they say it is top secret and say it is now the Governments.

It was presented to our class discussion what kind of  impact would it have on our world?

It would have a impact because it allows us to breathe air if we did not have photosynthesis the plants would die and we would too due to plants making the air we breathe.

So then without photosynthesis there would be no plants and the whole world would be wiped out that’s why if anyone figured out Human Photosynthesis would be top secret because it would wipe out everyone.

Fun In Spring!


During Spring Break I played basketball with my friend Jackson. We soon started playing with two other kids. We ended up winning 26 to 20. We played twice, but the second game we lost 10 to 14. When we first started playing basketball we got bored so we just started shooting. Then my friend Steven came over and we still kept taking turns and Steven said “Lets play a game.” I replied we can’t it would be uneven and me and Jackson were and got bored.” Steven said “I could go get my friend and we could play a game of 2 vs. 2.” Me and Jackson said “Okay.” That is what I did on my spring break.

Reflection: March 14-18, 2011

What: Last week I was out of school for Spring Break I had lots of fun. I went swimming and the water felt good due to the hot weather. I played with my friends. The worst part about it was was I fell while I was playing basketball and sprained my ankle besides that I had a fun Spring Break.

So What: During my Spring Break I learned how to tighten a chain. My brother taught me because I was riding home when my chain came off so I walked it the rest of the way and when I got home he did it and showed me how. I also learned that basketball isn’t that easy when you are playing against someone 2x your size and way older.

What Next: Next week I hope to learn more about graphs and coordinate points. I wonder if it will be harder then 3rd grade. When I learned about graphs and coordinates in 3rd grade they were not challenging to me. When I learned them in 4th grade they will be more challenging.

Reflection: March 7-March 11, 2011

What: This week I went to Game Stop and got a new game for my PS2. The next day my friend Jackson came over and we played for a long time. I also helped my dad pick a computer to order and we should get it this weekend. I went to a church activity with Jackson.

So What: I learned how to curve a baseball and how to find the area of complex figures. It was very confusing I am kind of getting it. I also learned about cells and got to see some through a microscope. It was a great learning experience and it was fun to do.

What Next: Next week I plan to sleep in on Spring Break and stay up late. I am also planning to get new toys and games. Next weeks I am mostly going to stay up late and play all day. I also plan to take time to practice basketball. I can’t wait for Spring Break to come.